Mariella, Bear and Edamame…

Mariella is in love with her stuffed animals right now.  She has many and loves them all so much, even this lady bug with long prickly legs that creeps me out.  lol  Well, today Bear joined us for an afternoon snack.  We enjoyed some tasty edamame!  I didn’t plan on taking a video clip of us munching on soybeans today, but Mariella was so sweet with bear I had to capture it and share with the world.   In the clip Mariella shares her edamame and water with Bear.  She notices the camera, leans over and hugs bear and smiles while taking advantage of a photo opportunity.  :-) long video below, you will see sharing, caring, spitting out food, fake sneezing and more. lol I love my Wee Baby!

[media id=42 width=630 height=475]


Mariella  you are so loving!

I enjoyed my time with you and Bear today. I love hearing you say “squeeze” when you are popping out the soybeans!  I am so sorry I shot a soybean into your eye, at least we laughed about it.  :-) Oh and  I am also happy that when you spit out your food you keep it on the table/plate now.  I do not miss the days when you threw everything on the ground!   You are such a lovely little girl and I am so proud of you for sharing and playing so well with Bear today.  You are an amazing daughter and an amazing big sister!  I love you Wee Baby!


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